Four companies, one RWE

Our energy for a sustainable life

Electricity is the most important driving factor for innovation and modernisation in our time. The more digitalisation and electrification progress, the larger the demand for a secure electricity supply that is always available. At the same time, climate change urges us to significantly reduce emissions.

Society therefore faces a tremendous task: to meet increasing power demand on the one hand and protect our climate on the other. The new RWE will play an important role in achieving this. With a clear focus on the technologies of the future: renewables and storage. Supported by a globally active trading company. And with a flexible fleet of conventional power plants in the German, Benelux, and British core markets that helps maintain a reliable power supply. In the course of this, our company will responsibly implement the phasing out of nuclear energy and coal. Within the new RWE, the individual companies will perform different tasks (as depicted in the following overview). Our shared guiding principle is clear: “Our energy for a sustainable life”. Approximately 20,000 people at RWE are working to this end and they have set themselves an ambitious goal: to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

RWE Renewables

RWE Renewables is RWE’s newest subsidiary and is responsible for our renewables business. In concret…

RWE Generation

With its highly efficient power plants in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, approximately 3,100 e…

RWE Power

RWE Power’s conventional power plants are the backbone of security of supply. This company, which ha…

RWE Supply & Trading

RWE Supply & Trading is the interface between RWE and energy markets around the world. Around 1,600 …

RWE Renewables, RWE Generation, RWE Power, and RWE Supply & Trading are active in different fields of the power business. Together, they are driving the energy transition. The leading minds of the companies talk about their goals and ambitions.

  • Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath
    CEO RWE Renewables

    “RWE Renewables will start as a globally leading renewables platform. We are looking forward to unlocking new profitable growth opportunities in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific for RWE.”

  • Roger Miesen
    CEO & COO RWE Generation

    “With our flexible, efficient power plant portfolio, we are paving the way to the age of renewables. In the course of this, we are particularly banking on the fast-growing gas market, on which we are further expanding our strong position. By converting power stations and successfully developing storage technologies, we are intent on continuing on our path of reducing CO₂ emissions.”

  • Frank Weigand
    CEO & CFO RWE Power

    “We reliably supply electricity whilst implementing the phase-out of nuclear energy and lignite – as a responsible employer and partner of the region. Our conventional power plants will be needed for a long time to come in order to back up the energy transition. We fully support climate targets and are using all our know-how to drive innovation and the remodelling of energy supply.”

  • Andree Stracke
    CCO Origination & Gas Supply RWE Supply & Trading

    “As a trading company, we have established ourselves on global markets and develop innovative solutions for our customers, while we continue to grow in global commodity markets, such as gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas).”

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