RWE Renewables

A global player from Germany: number two worldwide in offshore wind power

An ideal starting point: RWE Renewables, the most recently founded subsidiary of RWE, is off to a good start as a globally leading company in the field of renewables. The company comes in as the global number two in the key business area of offshore wind power.

And it is fully geared towards growth: “Size is a crucial aspect when it comes to successfully competing in the renewables market. We are ideally positioned for this – financially, strategically, and most certainly with our staff,” explains Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, CEO of RWE Renewables. Following the complete integration of innogy, approximately 3,500 colleagues will be working for the company around the world. These individuals will contribute excellent know-how and a wealth of experience from various cultural backgrounds and nationalities, and they’re all excited about one thing: renewable energy. The make-up of the future management team illustrates the company’s diversity: three women, three men and three nationalities from Essen, Hamburg, Swindon/UK, and Austin/Texas are at the helm of the company.

Together, they work on new, innovative technologies, implement attractive projects, and drive the remodelling of the energy landscape, including both onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaic plants, and energy storage facilities. Here are some examples: various projects are currently under construction in Texas, USA: the Cranell onshore wind farm, which will have a capacity of 220 megawatts (MW), the 151-MW Peyton Creek project, and Big Raymond with 440 MW. The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm (860 MW) is under construction off the east coast of England. In the Netherlands, the approval process for the Eekerpolder (63 MW) onshore wind farm in the province of Groningen has been successfully completed. Germany’s largest offshore wind farm (385 MW), a joint project with Norwegian utility company Equinor, went online in Arkona, northeast of the island of Rügen, in April 2019. Australia’s largest solar power plant (349 MWp – megawatt peak) is currently being built in Limondale, and is expected to be fully operational by mid 2020.


“We are ideally positioned for this – 
financially, strategically, and 
most certainly with our staff.”
Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath
(CEO der RWE Renewables)

Such projects are necessary to increase the production of clean electricity and to drive conventional electricity out of the network. That is what RWE wants, and it plans to grow to that end. In future, we plan to invest around 1.5 billion euros net in new renewables projects each year. Our focus is on continental America, core markets in Europe, and new markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Our project pipeline is well filled. RWE Renewables is the onestop provider for development, design, construction, operation, and marketing.

The new subsidiary not only changes RWE’s generation portfolio, but also – and mainly – the distribution of its earnings. Around 60 per cent of EBITDA (adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) will come from renewables in the future. “The renewables market is huge, as is international competition. We want to become a key player. That is what drives our entire team,” explains Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath: “We want to be a global player from Germany focusing on growth.”

Three women, three men, one board

Tom Glover, Sven Utermöhlen, Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, Silvia Ortín Rios, Holger Himmel, Katja Wünschel (left to right)

“RWE Renewables will start as a globally leading renewables platform. We are looking forward to unlocking new profitable growth opportunities in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific for RWE.”
Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath,CEO der RWE Renewables

“We have the funds available to grow our renewables business at RWE. We want to invest 1.5 billion Euro net annually and we are committed to delivering value-adding growth.”
Holger Himmel, CFO

“Globally, demand for clean electricity is growing at a rapid pace. We have the team committed to meeting this challenge – as a reliable partner in the market and for our customers.”
Tom Glover, CCO

“We start off as the second biggest player in offshore wind globally – and want to continue to grow profitably along the entire value chain with innovative technologies and our great expertise.”
Sven Utermöhlen, COO Wind Offshore Global

“The American continent offers excellent opportunities for growth in wind and photovoltaics. We are in the perfect starting position to continue expanding in this very competitive landscape.”
Silvia Ortín Rios, COO Wind Onshore und Photovoltaik Amerikanischer Kontinent

“Our combined forces and our unique coverage of the European renewables landscape put us into a leading position in Europe. With our vast experience in onshore wind and photovoltaics we will also capture the further excellent growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.”
Katja Wünschel, COO Wind Onshore und Photovoltaik Europa und asiatisch-pazifischer Raum

Facts and figures

Solar/photovoltaic and battery projects:

  • More than 300 large-scale PV plants developed and constructed worldwide
  • Ambitious plans in North America as well as the Asia-Pacific region 
  • One of the world’s largest providers of PV/battery operations and offshore wind maintenance

Offshore wind:

  • No. 2 on the global market 
  • 2.5 GW in operation

Onshore wind:

  • Experienced operator in Europe: 2.9 GW installed capacity
  • Strong position in the US market: 3.2 GW installed capacity


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