RWE Supply & Trading

Hub and link between the energy worlds

RWE is a strong partner on our way to a renewable future: we cover the entire range of safe and clean electricity generation. Our portfolio includes conventional power stations as well as wind farms, solar farms and hydroelectric power plants. These different “worlds” all converge at RWE Supply & Trading, our company’s international trading house. It specialises in energy trading, supplying large industrial customers with electricity and gas, the optimisation of our plant utilisation, and gas storage facilities, which are an important part of providing a secure supply of natural gas.

Our RWE Supply & Trading specialists deal in electricity, gas, raw materials, and CO₂ certificates, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – not only in Essen, one of Europe’s largest commodities trading floors, but also in London, in Prague, in New York, and in growth markets, in particular in Asia, with offices in Singapore and China.

With the integration of renewables into the new RWE, RWE Supply & Trading can increasingly provide tailor-made offers such as a combination of renewables plus balancing energy or electricity from conventional generation. The company has a wealth of experience in the marketing of electricity generated via renewable sources. Among other clients, Deutsche Bahn buys its “green” electricity, generated using hydro and wind, from RWE Supply & Trading. To give another example: the company will also merchandise all of the electricity generated by Belgian offshore wind farm Northwester 2. Our growing portfolio enables us to enlarge our offer of attractive renewable products. In order to optimise the use of conventional RWE power plants, RWE Supply & Trading works closely with the operational units of RWE Power and RWE Generation. How much electricity is needed from which power station and when? What happens in the case of unexpected outages? These are some of the aspects that are relevant to the utilisation of power stations. Since the weather has also become an important factor, RWE Supply & Trading experts analyse market data as well as weather data. 

RWE Supply & Trading is also active in the markets of the future, such as gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas). The company has secured long-term capacities in the first German LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel and is also involved in the development of sustainable LNG infrastructure at the Duisburg port, where an LNG fuelling station has just started operation.

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