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  • Carbon neutrality by 2040


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    A global player from Germany:
    number two worldwide in off shore wind power

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Providing energy for a sustainable life

We all need electricity – children as well as adults, small companies as well as large ones. Wherever there is electricity, there is light, warmth and communication, production, medical care and mobility. Electricity is life.

RWE has reliably supplied people and companies with electricity for more than 120 years – night and day. Many of us take electricity for granted. As well as the fact that it comes out of our sockets at any time. And we can, because power generators like RWE make sure that it does.

“We produce clean, reliable and affordable electricity.”

RWE CEO, Rolf Martin Schmitz, and Markus Krebber, CFO, on the new RWE, its contribution to the energy transition and what makes the company tick.

Activities around the world –
a clear focus on growth

Currently, around 60 per cent of RWE’s electricity generation capacities are free from or low in carbon.

Carbon neutrality
by 2040

The goal is as clear as it is ambitious: RWE aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. Which is roughly 20 years from today ...

Our energy
for a sustainable life


RWE Renewables

RWE Renewables is RWE’s newest subsidiary and is responsible for our renewables business …


RWE Generation

With its highly efficient power plants in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, approximately 3,100 employees at …


RWE Power

RWE Power’s conventional power plants are the backbone of security of supply …


RWE Supply & Trading

RWE Supply & Trading is the interface between RWE and energy markets around the world …

A global player from Germany: number two worldwide in offshore wind power

An ideal starting point: RWE Renewables, the most recently founded subsidiary of RWE, is off to a good start as a globally leading company in the field of renewables.

New corporate identity
Transparent, dynamic and full of energy

RWE is in motion: the company that’s bursting with energy has strategically realigned itself. And this is reflected in the company’s new, dynamic appearance.

Hub and link
between the energy worlds

RWE Supply & Trading

RWE is a strong partner on our way to a renewable future: we cover the entire range of safe and clean electricity generation.

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