Providing energy for a sustainable life

We all need electricity – children as well as adults, small companies as well as large ones. Wherever there is electricity, there is light, warmth and communication, production, medical care and mobility. Electricity is life.

RWE has reliably supplied people and companies with electricity for more than 120 years – night and day. Many of us take electricity for granted. As well as the fact that it comes out of our sockets at any time. And we can, because power generators like RWE make sure that it does.

The way we generate power is changing fundamentally. Today, power generation is still carbon intensive. We all agree that this has to change. RWE is driving this change. Between 2012 and 2018, the company reduced its CO₂ emissions by 60 million tonnes. This is a decline of around one third – the equivalent of the carbon dioxide emitted by 30 million cars per year. And that’s just the beginning. Modern society’s demand for electricity is increasing. RWE will generate that electricity in a way that allows people to combine sustainable living with high energy consumption. To do so, the company will be carbon-neutral by 2040. RWE will achieve that goal by consistently and responsibly withdrawing from fossil energy sources. And also, as one of the world’s leading providers of renewable energy, RWE will be making huge investments in wind and solar energy as well as in storage technologies. After all, we want people to continue to take their electricity supply for granted. And to know that this electricity is clean, secure and affordable.

Find out more about how RWE is tackling these changes on the following pages. And if you require further information, feel free to contact us!

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